Light Ahoy


I found these big chrome fixtures at a garage sale a few ago, and I really liked their form.  They’re called Cowl Vents and their original purpose was to provide airflow into the cabins below the deck of a boat. I don’t have a boat, so that application is of no use to me. However, it occurred to me that they’d make a fine pair of lamps, with a bulb nestled down in the stem, with indirect light emanating from the white powder-coat interior. I built the bases from wood that I salvaged from a table at an old bingo parlor. I wired it up with a ceramic socket and a toggle switch, and fabricated a cover plate from antique brass sheeting. Not only are they cool-looking but they make really nice light. I sold them at our BingoBox shop on Etsy, and now I miss them. I might have to search out another cowl vent and make one to keep.

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