This thing happened.

Long ago, as an art school dropout, I offered Sign Painting as one of my services. I painted quite a few logos on truck doors, wall graphics, and tons of posters and signage. Then my career led me into the emerging field of Computer Animation, and my lettering brushes sat idle for about 25 years while I spent countless hours at the workstation. About 5 years ago I watched a short film about the “lost art” of sign painting and it rekindled my interest. I bought a bunch of One-Shot lettering enamel and some fresh brushes and dove right back in.


This is one the first signs I painted upon re-entry into the craft. I wanted to to express some thoughts that provoked a little reflection and consideration. This one expands (infinitely) upon the rather cynical and one-dimensional expression “Shit happens”.

“Everything Happens” and other signs are available at my Etsy shop: ReinSign


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