What is Art?

“What is art?” is question without a definitive answer. Art is entirely subjective, and every person’s interpretation is valid. I think of Art as anything I experience within the mental or physical context of artistic expression. In other words, it’s Art if you perceive it to be. Whatever definition you choose, you’re automatically correct.


This piece started is life as a shelf in a garage. Or to go a bit further back, it started as a tree, which was probably harvested some time in the 1800’s. It was roughly painted a few times, and over many years it picked up scars, stains, cracks, nailholes and general patina of age. I looked at it and saw beauty, and considered that the artistic collaborators were Time and whoever interacted with this shelf over the years. A work of Art was not intended but one was created. I merely painted a label on it to assign credit.

“A Garage Made This Art” is available for purchase at my Reinsign shop on Scoutmob


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